Prince of India Restaurant

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What kind of restaurant is Restaurant of India?
Our dining establishment serves the most authentic Indian cuisine available in Germany. From traditional favorites like tandori chicken to zesty curries and more, we use a wide range of spices in plentiful quantities to make sure you taste India in every bite.


Where is Restaurants of India located?
We serve premium-quality Indian food in some of Germany's largest and most exciting cities. Find our restaurants in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.


What type of Indian cuisine do you serve?
We focus on traditional Punjabi cuisine at our authentic Amritsari food restaurant in Germany. When you dine with us, you'll experience all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this region's excellent culinary options.


Who would enjoy Restaurants of India?
Everyone can enjoy our small chain of restaurants – whether you're new to Indian food or looking for some gastronomic exploration. Each of our three locations specializes in preparing customized food choices to meet the special needs of a wide range of diners. Turn to us when you want food from India made your way.


Are vegetarian options available?
Yes. We offer a complete range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, meaning there's something for you and every member of your family when you choose to dine with us.


Do you offer takeout?
Yes, our restaurants in Mannheim, Stuttgart and Frankfurt each offer takeaway food. Our to-go food is prepared with the same quality ingredients and commitment to excellence as food prepared to eat in our restaurants. We're here to meet your dining needs, no matter where you choose to eat.


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Eugenstraße 12, 70182 Stuttgart-Mitte, Germany
TEL: 0711 - 2384788




Urban Str 38
70182 Stuttgart, Germany

TEL: 711-245108




Baseler Strasse 54
60329 Frankfurt, Germany
TEL: 069-264 84990




Schwetzinger STR. 6
68165 Mannheim, Germany

TEL: 0621-408570




Goethe Strasse 8
68161 Mannheim, Germany
TEL: 0621 1229305


Feedback Mobile No: +49 (0) 15234241747, +49 (0) 17663771945, +49 (0) 15256384683